Smooth Groovers Show – SG 6-15

Yes, we’ve been away. Our mothership had been hit. Some of our producers charity websites were also hit! Anyway, we hope that things will be good going forward. We welcome back our listeners to another show, just as we approach the end of 2011. Consider these shows as […]

Beyond The Groove – Ep 32 – Chill

Welcome to the latest Beyond the Groove brought to you to chill and relax… This week, chill out tracks to celebrate dreams! Please click on the following link to Download for all MP3 Players. You can also now download the FREE iPhone App for the Shows. Please click […]

Smooth Groovers Show – S6-12

We kick off the show, as usual with a memory from the world of films or TV, a familiar sound , to those particularly in the UK, who watched Thuderbirds! The music is from an episode entitled, ‘ The Man From MI5’, that included Lady Penelope. Its by […]

Smooth Groovers Show – S6-7

Welcome to Episode 6-7, i.e: Season 6 Episode 7 of the Smooth Groovers Review. The intro for this show , as you might have guessed, is the theme to the 1960’s TV show Batman, part action adventure, part comedy and suitable for little kids and grown up kids.  […]

Luther Vandross – S6-6

Welcome to Episode 6-6, i.e: Season 6 Episode 6 of the Smooth Groovers Review. This weeks we’ve got a special show for you. Its a Funkumentary dedicated to the late great Luther Vandross. Just a reminder, you can listen to the Podcast from i-tunes. You can also listen […]