Welcome to the licensed Smooth Groovers review. Our regular program featuring views, insight and the ignition of past experiences based on our passion for new and past Smooth Jazz, Soul and Funk.
All shows are currently hosted by Dr Groove and Professor Smooth.

We present 4 different shows:

The Smooth Groovers Review – The show format for season 6 consist of 3 segments:

  • Fresh Vibe – A round up of new releases or what the Doc calls Semi-Newies – Recently released that you must check ou!
  • Pick and Mix – The Prof calls this segment, A Soul Sensation, ‘Funk Fenonema (yes, spelth that way!) or Disco Diversion’
  • Re-visited- Bringing you some great tracks from the past

In between the regular Smooth Groovers Review shows we alternate between:

Beyond The Groove – Chill – Hosted by Dr Groove – A half hour chill out show
Beyond The Groove – 30 Funk – Hosted by Dr Groove – A half hour show featuring new and classic funk.

Funkumentaries and Specials
On occassions we also bring you Funkumentaries, our name for documentaries and Special shows, for example: the annual Valentines special.

We’d love your requests and feedback, please feel free to send us an email.

How did the Smooth Groovers  come about?

Dr Groove is a PhD in Organisational Behaviour / adaptive theory (whatever that is!) and has an MBA too!
Hey! The most important part is he adores Smooth Jazz, Funk and Soul – He also shares the show with Professor Smooth.

The Doc (that’s me) and a really close friend of mine we call ‘The Prof’ have known each other for years. We grew up together visiting shops to seek out new and rare grooves. Our partners put up with our Podcast sessions. We have a little studio in the UK and we’ve been running the shows since Oct ’05

In addition, the Prof and I have seen many of the major Smooth Jazz artists ‘live’ (sorry if this sounds bold but we really can’t get enough music into our souls)!

We love Smooth Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Funk , Soul, Old School and Disco oldies – We’re just some folks getting together for memories and more!

What is Podcasting or new media type content or shows ?

What about licencing rules for Podcasters?

Good question, it was only Aug/Sept ’06 that both the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and Performance Rights Society (PRS) worked hard to issue the shared Limited Podcasting Exploitation Licence – Known as LPEL. This license has been paid for and granted. In reality this means that if we feature any song writers and performers their copyright and royalities will be protected. This is achieved by the terms of the licence. For example, reporting, monitoring and protecting any tracks from the possibiity of being ripped. Full rules are available at the alliance website. In summary:

* Obscuring of the first and last ten seconds of each track featured
* 20% voice content
* No more than 3 tracks by the same artist’s CD
* No more than 4 tracks by the same artist
* Track listing restrictions
* Limited download compliance
* Set reporting requirements

Join us by contributing and listening to our blog and weekly podcast.

Q: How are the shows put together? In other words, what does it take to develop a Podcast?

With any quality production it is important to research, accredit, script and perform both pre and post production work.In terms of items needed, these range from the software skills, computer hosting set-up and investment in good quality recording equipment, royality free loops (for jingles, interludes and backdrops) and editing tools.

Although increasingly today more tools are available to develop podcasts it is important to focus accuracy, frequency and informative content.

Hey! The most important thing is to have fun!

We Thank you for taking part in the Podcast revolution and value your continued support and ears!

Smooth Groovers